Waterford Chamber Business Expo 2017

For most of the over 100 Waterford businesses that attended the Waterford Chamber Business Expo 2017 it didn’t all start at 4.30pm on the ground in Audi Waterford. It started in the days before preparing print, banners and all the other bits and pieces needed to promote their companies at the Expo. In our case we worked with Tagline Print & Design to get ours printed, a great service from a local company. We like to deal with local companies all the time ‘ We have to support each other’ #shoplocal.Cquent.ie at Waterford Chamber of Commerce Expo 2017 image2

eCommerce Basics

Electronic commerce over the Internet, or 'ecommerce', is predicted to grow at an ever-increasing rate over the next few years, with on-line sales already worth several hundred billion worldwide.

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