5 Things You Wouldn't Expect to Find For Sale Online


Wolf Urine

Apparently this is used to keep deer out of your rose garden. Available through Amazon.com here. Read the Customer Reviews, they are quite brilliant !


Sheep Poo Paper

This really is mad! : Sheep Poo Paper .

Toast in the Post ?

Don't worry if it's a bit cold by the time you get it; that's what microwave ovens are for.


Reserve a Spot in Heaven

Why bother being a good boy or girl when you can buy your way in ? And there's a money-back guarantee... you can't lose.


Claim Your Place On The Moon.

You can now claim your place on the Moon, in one of twelve officially-designated locations chosen for tourism, scientific research and resource management facilities. Oh and you can earn one of 48 seats designated for luna society members on a future expedition to visit your property! All you need is US$205.00 for a 10 acre estate in the Lake Of Dreams.
The Lunar Registry