7 Things You Should Know That Will Help You When Building a New Website



1. What do you want to achieve ?

How do you expect the web to enhance my business?

How would the web fit into your overall goals?

What do you want the web site to do immediately, and what in the future?


2. Who are your Target Audience ?

Who do you want to communicate with through the web site?

Who are your clients/audience?

Who do you want to become your clients/audience?

What does your audience need from the web site?


3. How much do you want to spend on a web site?

For initial design?

For marketing?

For ongoing maintenance?


4. Where will your organization get the initial content for the website ?

Do you have existing graphics, informational or marketing materials that could be used online?

Who will create the text for the site or co-ordinate its creation by a team ?


5. How will your organization maintain the web site when it is online?

Who will coordinate new and updated information for placement on the website?

Do you want to maintain the web site in-house or do I want to out-source this task to the web design company?

Will you be able to keep the information on the site up to date at all times ?- Who will respond to emails from the web site?

Who will collect any online form information gathered?


6. What are your competitors offering online ?

What do your competitors’ web sites look like and offer the customer ?

How will you exceed your competitors’ offering ?


7. What existing web sites do you like the ‘look’ and functionality of ?

It will greatly speed up your dialog with the web designer if you can say what sites, and specific aspects of them, you like and dislike. Your designer will advise you on designs that suit your particular industry or activity but in the end you must be pleased with the way the site turns out.