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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Start Preparing Now

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th 2018 and brings a tightening and extension of existing data protection regulations, mandatory reporting of breaches and huge fines for companies that fail to comply.

Now is ths time to start preparation within your company.

general data protection regulation gdpr may 2018


10 Benefits of Having a Responsive Website

In this day and age is unlikely that a business does not have some kind of on-line presence on Facebook or Twitter. Having your own responsive website has become necessary for business, organisations and even communities. Here's ten reasons for having one. 

is a co-founder of, which was established in 2007. He is busy creating brand reinforcing web sites with e-commerce and content management systems for large and small companies. At the same time he is passionate about keeping them as simple and intuitive to use as possible; balancing functionality and appealing aesthetics.

Waterford Chamber Business Expo 2017

For most of the over 100 Waterford businesses that attended the Waterford Chamber Business Expo 2017 it didn’t all start at 4.30pm on the ground in Audi Waterford. It started in the days before preparing print, banners and all the other bits and pieces needed to promote their companies at the Expo. In our case we worked with Tagline Print & Design to get ours printed, a great service from a local company. We like to deal with local companies all the time ‘ We have to support each other’ at Waterford Chamber of Commerce Expo 2017 image2

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Website Design and eCommerce Website Development

Cquent is a company I regularly recommend to others. Their knowledge of e-commerce, SEO and website design is second to none, on top of their 'can do' attitude. I have worked with Cquent for many years now and no matter what the issue or query, they always know how to tackle it. They also have a very quick response time, which is critical for us being an e-commerce business. On a personal note, the guys are a pleasure to deal with and, again, I never have any hesitation in recommending Cquent to anyone looking for web developers.

Website Design and eCommerce Development Services

Date published: 18/05/2015

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