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SEO in Business Terms

'Rank' here refers to how close your site is to the top of the 'organic' or 'un-sponsored' links.


Having a good ranking in the search engine results is equivalent to having your retail outlet in a busy main street; the more people see your offering, the more will enter. Continuing the metaphor, clicks into your website are like 'foot-fall' in your shop. As you can see each of these stages is important, as is the next; converting visitors into customers or clients.


Coming back to SEO then which is our main topic here, what does it mean in real terms ? To answer this let's go back a step to what search engines are trying to achieve and how we can help them (and ourselves).

SEO in Business Terms

The goal of all major search engines is to return the best possible results to internet users for the search term entered. To do this, they do a scan of most websites (called crawling) on a regular basis. As they crawl the sites they store much of the text and links that they find in a massive database.


They then have programs that go through this database and index it (like an index in a printed book) so that web pages can be found quickly. This process can take some time (well there is a lot of data to get through! ) so a website can be crawled but not indexed for a few days. Once a website's pages have been indexed it is possible for people to find the site by entering words that are relevant to the site. These are called 'keywords'.


The exact mechanics of how the internet user's search criteria are matched to websites on the search engine's index is believed to be quite complex and a closely guarded secret. The reason for secrecy is obvious; if someone know the exact details of, say, the Google search engine, then it would be a simple task to artifically promote their website in the search engine's results. This negates the searche engine's goal as stated above.


So, after all that, how do you improve your site's position in the search results ? The search engines will favour a site that appears to cover a certain topic well, is well organised and simple to navigate, and has a number of relevant links from other sites. This sounds simple and at a certain level it is but when you enter a market that is very competitive online, every advantage needs to be taken to improve your site's ranking. As there are believed to be up to 70 factors that some search engines consider and the rules change regularly, SEO has now become a specialism.


A company offering SEO or internet marketing services will analyse your target market and design a strategy to make the most out of your online resources. There are no 'quick fix' solutions but rather they will help you organise your online presence in a manner that will make the most of your company's strengths.


Shortcut solutions such as buying inward links are not a good way to build a solid position in the search engine results. Find a good web design, SEO and Internet Marketing company, build a relationship with them, and develop your website over time. Keep it current and grow it in line with your company.


Website Design and eCommerce Website Development

Cquent is a company I regularly recommend to others. Their knowledge of e-commerce, SEO and website design is second to none, on top of their 'can do' attitude. I have worked with Cquent for many years now and no matter what the issue or query, they always know how to tackle it. They also have a very quick response time, which is critical for us being an e-commerce business. On a personal note, the guys are a pleasure to deal with and, again, I never have any hesitation in recommending Cquent to anyone looking for web developers.

Website Design and eCommerce Development Services

Date published: 18/05/2015

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